Ivana Icardi destroyed Wanda Nara and gave the reason for Maxi Lpez


Although the relationship between the books is not good, no one expected Ivana Icardi go out to destroy in this way Wanda Nara, the current wife of his brother, Mauro Icardi. She had no mercy when she referred to the mother of her nieces, and even the public statements of Maxi Lpez, the blonde's ex-husband.

Mauro's sister does not shut the fuck up and continues to fuel the scandal by confronting Wanda with political statements that have been the protagonist for a few weeks, since she is totally fierce with the war with the media model. In addition to accusing Nara of being the reason the soccer player left his family, former Big Brother supported the latest confessions of Lopez, the father of the three oldest children of the media.

Many situations that I have lived for several years and that do not change. She takes it as a game, making me come into her house or calling me when her husband is in concentration and breaking and doing things that are not good, especially for children. It's a mine that got married, I already had other kids and I just want to keep the bond with my kids and nothing else, Lopez said in an interview.

Precisely, in these controversial words the sister of Icardi thinks: Another victim of the pelotudos of this mine. Has (emoji poop) in the brain, what can you expect? So he talks about the wickedness of the world and all these psychic things. I do not know how my brother allows, in the end, nonsense.

So in another comment, Ivana fulminates Wanda: The only one who does not realize that nobody supports is my brother, I understand that no one does, lives for the show and is a stray. It's a shame that my brother is connected to these nonsense (because it can always get worse).


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