"It's the first time that water comes to my neck": Enrique Pinti talked about the crisis


Enrique Pinti He is one of the most beloved and respected artists in the country. His long career is full of successes and yet the artist confesses that he gets scared every time he gets his taxes. In a radio interview for ATR, the cycle led by Rodrigo Lussich, the comedian spoke about his economic situation and harshly criticized the government of Mauricio Macri.

"(Before) I was afraid of the social situation of the people who were destitute or did not have a job, I hurt as a citizen, but that did not come to me, even in Menem or Kirchnerism, I saw that there was a disaster. I got the bills and said, "That's a lot, but I can pay them." It's the first time, maybe because I'm getting worse, and it scares me, not when I get the bills and gas, "he said. Enrique.

"The prepaid, which I have a good prepaid, that I took in the year 83 and I have the best plan, I have 39 thousand pesos more insulin that I use, which is imported because the diabetologist sent me because I can to use it, I earn 36 thousand pesos a month, "he revealed without falling." It is the first time that water reaches me to the neck, not because I am in ruins or when I see desperate begging at the door of the theater of the Liceu saying, "I filled up here, give me a coin" No, no, God will not pay for it, but it marks the situation that is the first time that happens to us, "he explained.

"I listened to La Picchio, who is sick with money, Hugo Arana sold the car, and are people who dedicated their lives to it. We, actors, are not examples of work, ours is a guild of unemployed people around the world We are always more people who want to work than those who work.But for a successful guy who has filled a theater for three decades, he is afraid … " Pinti

"And the strangest thing is having to endure that a president with a bad diction told me that we were partying for 70 years, that we were in a frenzy, that is, I, who am 80, must have been crazy since I was 10 years and I did not see No party, let me tell your employees and all the people who gave us services, and I never gave anything to anyone, that electricity, gas or telephone were cheap or worth what governments of all the guys They said you had to pay, "he said harshly.

"There was invoice prepared by the governments of the day, and we had to obey, because expensive or cheap always had to pay because if they did not cut it, before, now and always. that they gave me services enervates me, not only what the government tells me, but a lot of idiots who talk on television and on the radio, and that you want to kill yourself, "he closed ruthlessly.


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