"It's a Treacherous Cup" – The Intransigent


O Argentine Cup became a tournament of great importance in recent years to the place that gives the Cup Libertadores. This is why First division They have learned to assume it with total responsibility. This afternoon, the team led by Hernn Crespo gave class and chair how to get out on the way to the cast that often complicate the course of the game.

Banfield won 3-0 at Juventud Unida de Entre Ros, in the field of Quilmes, being vastly superior. The "Drill" played with the necessary height to to overcome the 32nd end without any kind of problem. Of course, without diminishing rivals on duty that mostly make a great sacrifice to contest the event.

After the triumph, the coach of the Banfield, Curly, Spoke to the press and highlighted the victory achieved: "It's a treacherous cup, you have to prove it with facts, not just words"I said. And the clear example was evident last night when the defending champion of the title, Central Rosario, I was eliminated after falling against the Sun of MayFederal team.

"Now things are happening slowly: we win by 3 to 0, zero in our goal, playing well creating goal situations, people and boys had fun, without underestimating anyone, very seriously and marking the difference of category, which is not little in today's football, because it is complicated, "said Crespo at the end of the match.

Last comment, where were the keys to get the victory: "The Cup is a huge emotional difficulty. Teams of lower categories have enthusiasm and desire to show themselves. What touched us today was to reduce this illusion of the game and not react to possible kicks or talk to the referees. I had to try to play football, which is what we do best. "


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