It rains in the city and governs an alert for fall of hail


O National Weather Service (SMN) This morning issued an alert for strong storms and probable hail to the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings. The edict also covers the center and south of Córdoba, Entre Ríos, central and northern San Luis, central and southern Santa Fe and the center and north of the province of Buenos Aires.

At 8:30 am, rains reached the federal capital. According to the agency, storms of varying intensity are expected during the rest of the day, "locally reaching strong intensity and causing strong electrical activity, abundant water drop in short periods, intense bursts and hail fall."

Particularly in Entre Ríos, in the center and south of Santa Fe and east of Cordoba, storms can reach severe intensity during the afternoon. Similarly, the NMS predicts that conditions tend to progressively improve from south to north during the day. For today, no major temperature variations are expected, which will be around 25 degrees.

Tomorrow is expected declining cloudiness, light to moderate south winds and a maximum of 30 degrees. Thursday, meanwhile, is expected to increase cloudiness, weather deterioration and probability of precipitation, in addition to moderate to regular easterly winds, with gusts of wind and falling temperatures. According to the SMN, the thermometer will oscillate between 20 and 23 degrees. Poor weather conditions will be maintained throughout the day.

On the other hand, for Friday it is predicted that bad weather will prevail in the morning, with cloudy sky, more rains, weak winds from the east sector, turning to the west sector. However, improvements are expected for the night, with varying cloudiness, weak winds from the west, shifting to moderate or regular winds from the southwest. The minimum temperature will be 20 degrees and the maximum will be 27 degrees.


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