It is new, the dollar has fallen | Chronic


The dollar fell 0.08% and closed at $ 39.18, according to the average market price. In the wholesale market, the US currency ended at $ 38.26, with no changes to the wheel last Monday.

For the financial analyst Gustavo Quintanaon Tuesday "It had a calm development and with less oscillations, in which the dollar in the wholesale stayed in the same level reached on the Monday".

And he explained that this was due to "The relative balance of forces that was maintained throughout the session, justifying the lowest displayed fluctuation".

The volume traded in the cash segment reached US $ 559.8 million and in the future segment of the MAE, US $ 10 million were realized.

On the other hand, in the future market of Rosário, Rofex, were negotiated US $ 919 million, of which more than 55% were traded between December and January, with final prices of US $ 38.91 and US $ 40.80, respectively. . Futures traded virtually unchanged.


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