It is important not to pierce the ears of newborns because of their health


Piercing the ears of newborns is a very common practice, but it can be dangerous for the baby.

It is believed that it is better to pierce the ears of newborns soon after birth so that they do not remember the pain caused, others do so that the sex of the baby is not confused, others more for a simple cultural question.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of infant piercing, as putting a piece of metal in the ear can cause it to become tangled in clothing and cause injury that causes bleeding in the newborn.

Another risk is that some parents do so within a few hours of the child's birth, even before the tetanus vaccine is given, which should be given two months after birth.

Between 6 and 16 months of life is when doctors recommend piercing the ears of babies.

A recommendation is also that the earrings or earrings be made of gold and that the material to be used during the piercing be completely sterilized, otherwise it could generate infections and increase the possibility of contracting hepatitis.

Remember that children are the most precious thing that we as a parent have.

That's why it's important to constantly inform and update to have the best information at hand.

In this way, it will not be easier to make decisions about the health and well-being of our babies.

Otherwise, the lack of information and knowledge will generate a wave of ignorance that will only have repercussions against our children.

Little or no information can be crucial and it is best to be well informed about issues relating to our children.



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