It has a rare disease and can be burned alive with sunlight


A 54-year-old woman has passed much of your life locked up in your house she suffers from a rare disease that has alienated her from the world, If it comes in contact with some ray of the sun, it can cause a great wound and unbearable pain.

Fatima Perez suffers from a rare disease genetic and hereditary that affects the skin has xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), which caused them to suffer severe pain if exposed to ultraviolet rays or even artificial lights.

The woman can not leave the house during the day or when the sky is cloudy, this because of her illness, even a lit lamp can hurt her.

The woman created a page to help those affected by XP and her story was accurately disseminated through it.

According to Fatima, in 1998, several doctors did not know about the disease, so she went through many treatments that, instead of healing her, further complicated her health, even due to the treatments, he had severe burns all over his body and unfortunately, lost an eye.

After no one could explain what she had, the woman traveled with her brother to the United States in search of someone who could help her.

She currently lives in Connecticut, United States and created a foundation called XP Light of Hope Group.

She insists that going outside is complicated, she has to wear sunglasses, gloves, a hat made of sunscreen and a coat of over two kilos, but she is not willing to give up.or goal is to create awareness about pigmentary xeroderma and find resources to helpto Latin American families affected by this disease.


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