"It fills me with pride that they make a contract of this value to me"


The end of Paraguay Cecilio Domnguez He expressed that he "delights" the work he does in Independent the coach Ariel Holan and he was "proud and happy" for wearing the red shirt. In addition, he was not afraid to assimilate that his the most expensive club history, from the direction pag 6 million dollars for 75% of your pass to America of Mexico.

I have seen Cecilio Domnguez's most striking phrases in his official presentation:

– "It fills me with pride that they make a contract of this value to me. I do not feel like a backpack or a burden. It's good to come to a club where already a Paraguayan (Arsenio Erico) made history. "

– "Happy to be ac.the other day I went to the stadium, I found it very beautiful, and I saw a crowd that moved me a lot because of what it encourages."

– "I saw an organized team that played very well with the ball, maybe you have to think about it when it was winning, because the heat was affected."

"With Holan he did not talk about playing on Saturday, we'll certainly see him through the days. I wish it could be. I feel very well.. I'm meeting the new partners and I'm in charge of the & # 39; ".

– "The negotiation was very long, I found out about social networks, and the United States did not talk to me about it until the last three days."

– "Recent years played from end to endIt's where I feel better, but I can play right and behind the "9" too. I'm talking to the & # 39; about this. I'm very professional. I really like to face and have the ball. I think I have a good base. I wish I could prove it. I think about the America Cup. I'm going to work to be"

– "Physically I feel good and I'm good to play on Saturday if the coach has."

– "I will have no problem with the adaptation for the Argentine club and footballI am trained and I hope to be well. "


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