It could be worse! The lawyer of Federico Bal spoke about the supposed number that will have to pay Nazarena Vélez


The alleged novelties of the legal conflict between the Bal-Barbieri and Vélez families were mentioned. It is that, as it had happened, at the judicial level would have been to settle the pending litigation for slander and insults that Federico Bal he started Nazarene Vélez after allegations of violence that caused the end of their relationship with Barbie Vélez.

In addition, it was mentioned that Nazarena decided to pay the lump sum, which would have been 60 thousand pesos plus the costs of the trial. However, Ignacio Giovanettoni, lawyer of the actor, clarified that the subject is still open and there is no stipulated money.

"The statement that the trial is over and the amount being raised is false, the only real thing is that sooner or later there will be a sentence and then we will see what the amount will be applied and what the sentence will be." Nazarene) "explained Bal's lawyer.

It must be remembered that Nazarena and Federico are going to do theater season in Mar del Plata in the summer of 2019. Fede will be in family with Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal leading a magazine while Naza is going to do a comedy together Adriana Salgueiro and Beto César.

However, the presence of the blonde in La Feliz goes beyond the strictly professional: "I'm going to have a season in Mar del Plata so that Barbie is not alone," said the actress, who also said she only noticed in theatrical proposals for that city.

"Barbie still has pain and fear", Condemned Nazarene.


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