Israeli scientists say cancer cure will be ready in a year


A team of Israeli scientists said they are in the development of a cancer cure that can be completed next year, reported the Jerusalem Post Office this Monday.

The new treatment is being developed by the pharmaceutical laboratory Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies under the leadership of the CEO, Dr. Ilan Morad, according to the report.

"We believe we will offer a complete cure for cancer in a year," said Dan Aridor, chairman of the company's board. "Our cancer cure will be effective from the first day, will last a few weeks and will have minimal or no side effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market. "

The treatment, called MuTaTo, will use a combination of anticancer peptides and a toxin that will specifically kill cancer cells.

Treatment It will be personalized and patients will receive a specific cocktail of medicines According to his type of cancer, Morad told the newspaper.

In the hospital, they could only offer a palliative chemotherapy treatment so he could extend the term and enjoy his little ones a little.

But Heidi, she forgot about the doctors and the diagnosis they gave her and searched the Internet for a different alternative; there he found the company FoundationOne, which offered a test that would reveal the remedies he needed eliminate their 25 tumors in three months.


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