Is he going to the father? The video of DionĂ­sio, son of Flavio Mendoza, doing acrobatics


Dionysusthe son of Flavio Mendoza Already a star of social networks. Each post accumulates thousands of "tanned" and hundreds of positive comments. Now, his father shared a video of him jumping and playing in a gym, Is there a new acrobat in the family?

Circus family, the eight-month-old boy Already begins to show that he inherited the talent of his father and he seems very happy to jump and pirouettes in his toy.

"It is very beautiful," "Practicing to follow in the footsteps of his father", "My love is great, beautiful", "He left for the father", "Divino Flavio the baby is the best" and "He is rehearsing with his father."

With almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, Certainly, at some point, the little one will take the stage with his father. Even in the farewell of Flavio DancingDionisio was present and participated in the musical.


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