IPC Congress: predicts annual inflation of 48%


Although inflation in November was 3.2% a month at the national level, the economic mass-economy team warned that "It is still above the records before the beginning of the year's currency turbulence".

For now, the Tigrense economic team predicted a price increase "close to 48% for all 2018", which would mean the largest increase in the last 26 years. Regarding the immediate future, Renovation Front economists have indicated that "we are still far from a genuine process of decelerating inflation."

Regarding the last report of the statistical agency, Massismo observed that the item Health increased the most in November, with a high of 5.7%, followed by alcoholic beverages and tobacco (+ 4.6%). Food and non-alcoholic beverages were 3.4%, with foods that far outnumbered potatoes (+ 31%), firm yogurt (+ 21%) or apples (+ 14%).

"In the last six months, prices rose 28.7%, an average of 4.3% per month, which is equivalent to an annualized increase of 65.5%", analyzed the Front Renovador.

Thus, the team led by Lavagna explained that "as a result of the strong acceleration of inflation observed in the last months to November, prices increased 48.5% from the level of twelve months ago."

From the Renovador Front it estimated that one month after the end of the year, national economy prices accumulated an increase of 44%, 23 percentage points (pp) above the increase of the same period last year (+ 21% in January to November 2017).

In this sense, economists of the mass economy warned of "another worrying fact" such as the increase in inflation (43.9%) in relation to retirement (19.2%) so far this year, which is a loss of power of 17.2%.

"Although in the first months of the year inflation has shown a rate similar to that of early 2017, the April exchange rate crisis finally buried the hope of breaking the inflationary inertia that has been chastising our economy for more than ten years," they reflected. of the hosts of Massa.


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