Intimacy of Boca flight: the guest comedian and the jokes he made for the players – 12/05/2018


Neither Pablo Perez was saved. And this is your favorite player. Well, maybe that's why Boca's midfielder and captain was the protagonist in comedian Robert Moldavsky's playful repertoire on the flight that brought the Xeneize delegation from Ezeiza to Madrid.

Pablo Perez liked his family, but also he was target of the comedian. And he received it with good vibes.

Pablo Perez liked his family, but also he was target of the comedian. And he received it with good vibes.

"I always miss some games when I go up on Boca's court. I take the stairs and I can not see the yellow of Pablo Pérez"joked Moldavsky during the 10 minutes that lasted his monologue. "Killed me", He returned Perez laughing and with good vibes.

Fernando Gago, who was by his side, supported the comedian. And the laughter multiplied. Between the fun and the rest, Boca collapsed the almost 12 hours of travel in the middle of all the tension for the definition of the Copa Libertadores.

Besides the jokes, there were also moments to share partners, lectures and music. And to be distracted by their families (they stay in another hotel), they also traveled on the charter and will be accompanying the players on Sunday at the Real Madrid stadium.

Meanwhile, Carlos Tevez, Wanchope Ábila and Leonardo Jara were the ones who played the most walls with the comedian. "They told me that Andrada was also very cheerful, but I saw it contained. Maybe it will be discovered at the Saturday show"Moldavsky, who lived the trip as a child's dream, is a Boca fan and has been on the court since he was 8 years old (he is 56 years old) and already knows how to live in situ a final against the River.

"I was in the Racing field in 1976 (Boca won the Nunez 1-0 team and won the national tournament)," he said. The man of humor stopped his work, which will continue with a tour in January and February at the Roxy Theater in Mar del Plata. He did not resist the call of the leadership of Boca.

The players approved because it was good after a show he did at the local bicampeonato celebrations dinner this year. And on Saturday, in the preview of the Superclassic that will define the Libertadores there will be another to relax the tensions. He still has the recipe to make the Twins burst out laughing. "I also have a twin sister and I know what they lived, dividing everything, it will come from that side", he advanced.

Carlos Tevez, on arrival in Madrid. MARCELO CARROLL PHOTO

Carlos Tevez, on arrival in Madrid. MARCELO CARROLL PHOTO

The Boca campus arrived yesterday at seven in the afternoon (three in Buenos Aires) from Madrid since the flight delayed the departure of Ezeiza. The players they got off the bus and greeted to the hundred of fans who were to receive at the door of the hotel Eurostars de Mirasierra, the majority residing in the Spanish capital. Today they will train at age 11 at the Las Rozas estate of the Spanish Football Federation.

They did not miss the classic "Dale Boca, dale Bo …" and the songs against River at the front desk. A duplicate of Maradona also appeared. He was Maximiliano, a 45-year-old Argentine born in Bunge and living in Madrid for more than two decades. With a look similar to Diego and Havana in handHe harangued the rest of the fans and promised that Boca will take an unconditional breath Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu.


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