Internal Note Suggests SpaceX Crew Capsule Explosion Video Could Be Legitimate


A memorandum obtained by the Orlando Sentinel It seems to confirm that a video showing an explosion during a test of SpaceX's astronaut capsule is authentic – which, as the paper points out, neither the space venture led by Elon Musk nor NASA has publicly acknowledged so far.

"As most of you are aware, SpaceX conducted a fire test of their engines [Cape Canaveral Air Force Station], and they experienced an anomaly, "reads the email, which Sentinel reported had been sent to officials at Jacobs, a NASA aerospace company for testing.

"Subsequently, the failed test video – which was not released by SpaceX or NASA – appeared on the internet."

The video of the apparent explosion appeared for the first time in a Twitter account with nicknames that later deleted the post, although it has already been mirrored on YouTube.

SpaceX and NASA remained silent on the incident, referring to it only as an "anomaly" and promising to investigate.

The email told Jacobs employees that they were "prohibited from photographing or filming operational activities that take place on the property of KSC CCAFS, unless officially authorized," according to the Watchtower.

"It is up to NASA and other companies on the ground to decide what information related to their activities is made public."

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