Indec announces that inflation was 2018


This Tuesday, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) to disclose what was the inflation And the annualized value of 2018. According to the consultants, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) be the highest in over 20 years, as they estimate close to 48%, the highest since 1991.

The latest data released by Indec in November ranked the CPI with an increase of 3.2%, which showed a slowdown in this number, albeit in the same way, super estimates of the consultants. That is why, waiting for official figures, experts estimate that the inflation of 2018 is close to 48%.

In turn, the Institute of Workers' Statistics (EIT) estimates that the cost of living of unionized workers increased by 3.1% in December, with an annualized figure of 47.8% in 2018. This surpasses that registered in 2002, when it was set at 41%, and became the largest since 1991.

Similarly, the EIT warned that last year, all items in the basket increased by more than 40%, with the exception of "Clothing and Footwear" and "Education", which increased by 33.5% and 32% %, respectively. Meanwhile, according to the Congress of the CPI, released by the Renovador Front, it is estimated that inflation in 2018 was 48%.

In addition, according to figures released by the National Parliament, they warned that although there was a slowdown in November compared to September and October, "it is still above the records before the beginning of the year's currency turbulence." . "In the last six months, prices rose 28.7%, or 4.3% per month, equivalent to an annualized increase of 65.5%," they said.

On the other hand, Ecolatina estimated that national inflation was 48% to 2018, "almost doubling the value of 2017" and stressed that "it was not only the higher price increase of the Cambiemos mandate, but it became the year of biggest increases since 1991, "explaining that in the first quarter inflation was driven by increases in public service and exchange rate rates.


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