Thursday , October 21 2021

In the rhythm of man and with an overflowing road: this was the exciting caravan of Rio for the Monumental


"Stick, dick, dick, good dick, stick it, eeeh, we're champions again". The River Sing campus on top of the micro and at the same time support their cell phones in the micro windows, to film the other side, the crowd of fans of the Millionaire They imitate them and sing the "stick, stick, stick, stick".

From inside and outside the bus they contributed to the climate, they set up the pre-event of the great party at Monumental. Because, it must be said, the Airport Security Police recommended that fans not attend Ezeiza to receive the delegation that won the Copa Libertadores in the Superfinal against Boca, but several hours before the plane touched the runway of Minister Pistarini, hundreds of millionaires already crowded the sides of Ricchieri Highway. And they overcame any precaution, as if it were a gambeta of the Feather Martinez, who is crazy, according to the song in a loop.

And there were dedications to the classic rival, victim in the definition of the Copa Libertadores. And the fans, on motorbikes, on cars, accompanied the bus on the way; they knew that, on the inside, the most precious trophy was traveling, the one Rodrigo Mora took from the plane, the one that Marcelo Gallardo, as coach, he had already reached in 2015 and repeated in 2018. "Muñeeeco, Muñeeeco"He thundered among the companions in love as they detected him behind the windows. So the road, which should take around 30 or 40 minutes, took much longer.

Just in General Peace, with less space on the shoulders for the location of the fans, the traffic of the micro became a little more fluid, but nevertheless the idols of Rio continued alone. The spontaneous caravan followed them with flags, songs and horns. The ideal prologue for the celebration at Monumental.

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