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Despite the national measure

In Santa Fe, the groups will function normally

Transport guilds will stop this Tuesday, from 4 to 7, against the Income Tax. UTA announced that it will not adhere in the interior of the country.

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As a result of the claim against the Income Tax affecting most of the transport workers, the unions of the sector announced that they will hold a strike between 4 and 7 on Tuesday, so that in that time slot there will be no service buses, trains or subways, as well as flights, maritime transport or goods.

Santa Fe will be excluded from this measure and the groups will operate with "absolute normality" in the city, and in the rest of the interior of the country. This was confirmed by the assistant secretary of UTA Santa Fe, Marcelo Gariboldi, based on the decision that national UTA took.

The measure will be held in Buenos Aires by Catt, the Argentine Confederation of Workers that brings together most of the transport unions, which indicated that in that time there will be assemblies in the workplace.

In this regard, he clarified that, although at 7 am the assemblies will end, it is expected that only at 10 the affected passenger transport services will re-operate at the usual frequencies.

Among the guilds that make up the Catt and which will be folded to the assemblies are the colectiveros of the UTA (not those of the interior), train drivers of La Fraternidad, Truckers, Aircraft, Dredging and Balizamiento, Guincheros and Señaleros Ferroviarios.

Days ago, transport unions declared themselves in a state of "alert and permanent session" and recalled that the government "did not live up to its promise to eliminate the wage tax."

"For years we have demanded an emergency increase for retirees. Every time there are inflationary processes with a fall in GDP there is an increase of the poor; the situation is extremely fragile. In addition, we reiterate our rejection of the Income Tax and undeclinably claim for collective agreements in all companies linked to transportation, "said the owner of the Catt and former triumvirate of the CGT, Juan Carlos Schmid.

The gremialista said that "Earnings is an issue that always comes back to the agenda as a result of an economic management that not only puts the hand in the workers' pocket, but also against production and against the generation of work."


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