In Boca wants to hasten the definition of the new DT before the weekend – 12/17/2018


Since a few hours before the official farewell of Guillermo Barros Schelotto with this press conference with the president Daniel Angelici last Friday in Boca began to move to find the successor of the Twin. Names Probes Initial conversations On Thursday afternoon, more precisely, the search for the new technician began. Y the idea of ​​leadership is to arrive on Thursday this week with the issue settled, or at least with a firm candidate from those who already sound.

The initial plan was another. In Boca thought to have first defined the figure of the manager or director of sports. Angelici wants Nicolás Burdisso in this position, with whom he already had contacts. But Burdisso will arrive in the country only in the next few days. While everything seems to be going on with the 37-year-old former quarterback who retired in October from professional activity, times call for leadership.

Is that on Thursday, January 3, the team of the Casa Amarilla should start the preseason, which from the following day will continue in Cardales, as happened last summer. In fact, the physical trainer Javier Valdecantos left a diagram to start the work. Of course everything is subject to what the next DT decides. To return to activity, there are 18 days left. That is why in the guts of the club of La Ribera we already know that it will be difficult to appoint the manager first and then, with him, to choose the new technical director.

So? There was a change of plans. Angelici, who would take the plane to Luque for the 2019 Copa Libertadores draw, will continue to advance in the DT edition. And the Secretary General will go to Paraguay, Christian Gribaudoand the third vice president Darío Richarte. For tomorrow had scheduled in the agenda xeneize a meeting of direction only to put in the table the proposals of trainers and to define. But everything happened this Thursday with the premise of, with a little more margin, to leave this conclave with everything clear.

The strongest candidates are still the three that are mentioned: José Pekerman, Antonio Mohamed and Miguel Angel Russo. The first is the man who seduces several in Boca. Although most of his career has led young people or teams, no one questions his ability. The obstacle presented to Angelici with the former coach of Colombia is the end of the contract. The mandate of the Tano It ends in December 2019 and Pekerman prefers a contract of at least two years. The solution would be to find consensus with the opposition to sign a link beyond the elections.

The figure of Christian Bragarnik, a representative closely linked to the present of Boca, is another mitigating factor either with Pekerman or with Mohamed, who is distanced from the employer. Y Miguelito He is a former champion known to the late Libertadores who is looking forward to returning. Mouth defines your future in a matter of days.


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