In an election key, Mauricio Macri goes to Santa Cruz and is shown in the largest work in Patagonia – 01/13/2019


In the last year of his presidential election, Mauricio Macri will visit the country's president, Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz, where he will meet Governor Alicia Kirchner. The main objective of the passage through the province of Kirchner is to show the president in the construction area of ​​the Cóndor Cliff dam, which together with La Barrancosa – both on the Santa Cruz river – among the most important works in progress in the country.

In the midst of the recession, the sharp decline in economic activity and the collapse of public works to meet the fiscal adjustment agreed with the IMF, one in favor The mega-work of the Santa Cruz dams is advancing at a good pace – with Chinese funding – and those who have already been on site ensure that It's shocking. Two thousand people already work there, which will double in March and April.

Governor Alicia Kirchner with Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio last December.

Governor Alicia Kirchner with Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio last December.

The meeting with Alicia Kirchner is a strong seasoning of the visit and generates "noises" in the provincial opposition to K. "Here we pass denouncing the corruption of Kirchner, and the president joins Alicia. It's hard to digest"We are candid santacruceñas sources of Cambiemos whose main reference, Senator Eduardo Costa, has a tense relation with the governor. Alicia also would move with the president 130 kilometers of El Calafate – where he will land – to the dam of Condor Cliff, to accompany that traveled

The visit has generated great expectations and the senior managers of China Gezhouba are in the weekend in El Calafate, to do the same. The renegotiated construction contract corresponds to US $ 4.7 billion, funded by the Chinese.

Close to Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio, they insisted that the government should maintain a dialogue with all and said that the relationship with Alicia Kirchner "is good in institutional terms. He accompanied the Fiscal Pact, and the 2016 agreement with the province was a witness to the subsequent fiscal consensus with all the governors. "Macri will also meet with Costa and leaders of the" Unión para Vivir Mejor "(the local version of Cambiemos) The UCR senator was the only pro-government official who rebelled and did not vote in the budget in December, denouncing the suspension of national works in his province and letting his discomfort transcend due to the lack of support from Rosada for his candidacy. governor.

In Santa Cruz, Macri's allies believe the president seeks to contrast with the Kirchners that the mega-work of the two dams, a longing in the province for 50 years, ended up being initiated by its management, despite the progress of the Kirchners since 2008. In November the Macri decree restored the original names of the projects, "Cóndor Cliff" and "La Barrancosa", instead of "Néstor Kirchner" and "Jorge Cepérnic" (by the Peronist governor who gave them force in 1974) with which the government of Cristina Kirchner renamed them.

Mauricio Macri on Friday with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales.

Mauricio Macri on Friday with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales.

Macri finishes this Monday their long vacations of 22 days (started on December 22), in what will be strictly an invasion of Patagonia. On Sunday night, he landed in Ushuaia and stayed in a luxury hotel within the Cerro Alarken nature reserve, 5 km from the center. The activity begins Monday with a tour of the Newsan industrial plant, an act at the sewage treatment plant "Arroyo Grande," and a visit to the Austral Naval Base, from where it will hold a videoconference with the Orc Antarctic Base. This shows the discomfort of governor Rosana Bertone, Due to the government's tariff measures, which it considers harmful to the province's industry, Bertone will not be on the island to welcome him. His deputy governor, Juan Carlos Arcando, will do this. The municipality of Ushuaia, led by Walter Vuoto, will also make a vacuum, and none of its employees will participate in the activities with Macri.

After noon, Macri will fly to El Calafate. At night, he will continue to Puerto Madryn, where he will meet the governor of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, also of oscillating relationship with Rosada. This Tuesday will be seen there with the deputy governor of La Pampa, Mariano Fernandez, will visit the Chubut Norte Wind Farm and will head the "tables" of fishing and tourism, with entrepreneurs of these sectors. He would fly directly to Brazil for his meeting scheduled on Wednesday with Jair Bolsonaro.


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