If so? This is how WhatsApp messages are sent without your number being viewed


Send messages without discovering your identity, it has never been easier. With an application and in a few steps you can do it. We show you how.

Who does not use Whatsapp nowadays? It is so easy to communicate through this social network, that even if the other person does not have us in your contact list, we can send you a message without any problem. But would you like to send messages without seeing your number? Yes you can and it is not complicated at all.

The first step is to send Whatsapp without seeing your number is to download an application, it is called Primo, for a limited time, free! In the Play Store, I recommend you take a look at the comments, since thousands of users are using and apparently with quite positive results. It actually has a rating of more than 4 stars.

In case you want something better, you can also pay to have the full version, which is at a super affordable price, up to $ 5 for the whole year!

That follow? Once you have the app on your phone, you will find that it offers a number, obviously different from yours. With which you can send endless messages without being recognized. We also share these tricks with you Whatsapp:

In the end, this is interesting, especially if you want to talk to someone in particular. Be it a friend, your ex or a family member with whom something was pending. However, for labor issues, it's great! Well, when it comes to communicating with a customer in an emerging way, it is not necessary to have your personal number.

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