"I suffered from interpersonal contagion," Wisky said.


National doctor and deputy Sergio Wisky said that for more than 20 years, it has been found that, at least in this region, hanta is contagious not only by contact with long-tailed mice but also from person to person.

Since then health care practices have been modified, which now include the use of special masks, gloves and sterile and disposable gowns.

"They are universal measures for such cases and there have been no further infections within the health care system," he said.

Wisky was director of the El Bolsón hospital in 1996, when he contracted Henta and managed to overcome the disease.

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"At that time, all precautions were not taken and I was infected with a patient he said. I intubated and jumped liquid in my face."

According to the doctor ability of the virus to infect other people "depends on the stage of the disease"And it is currently difficult to be infected in a doctor's office. That is why prevention, when a case is detected, is limited to the family group and the patient's direct relatives.

Given the concrete suspicion the hospital should be consulted immediately, which provides measures of "epidemiological blockage" with all close contacts, explained Wisky.

He stressed that hospital treatment requires some complexity and "next intensive therapy" because "about 40 or 50% of patients require respiratory care. "

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