"I still want to go back to River, but every time there is less time because of age"


Alejandro Damin Domnguez, better known as the "Chori Domnguez ", is a well-known fan and former River player. In dialogue with the radio program Sper Miter Sports, I continued to celebrate with all the consecration of the team of Marcelo Gallardo at the All rights reserved. in front of Mouth and ensure that the set of Nez He has "enough weapons" to win the Club World Cup.

The Olympiacos player from Greece analyzed that "Madrid is Madrid, the moment is happening is happening." However, he believes that the millionaire can "get a great result" against the meringue team. As regards the end of Liberators, detailing that "River was superior in both games", and that "there is a big difference with the rest: always try to play football".

O "Chori", which was fundamental along with Fernando Cavenaghi on the return of River First, after going through National B, he said that during that stage "we had no room for error, our peace of mind is to have achieved the result," and added, "Today we like to see River Ace. every time there is less time for the age, see Rio-Boca and tell us how good it will be to be inside. "

On the other hand, it gives its support to Fernando Gago for the new lesion. "It's a huge sadness, after so much effort he made after every injury he had, I send him all the strength and he can have a quick recovery." These are psychological injuries and it is something that, whether we like it or not, should be treated by a professional. ", opin.

Finally, emphasizing the premiere of River at the Club World, next Tuesday 18 at 13:30, shortly after you consecrate, Chori expressed: "As a player you are not aware of the historical context, the other day you think about the next game", and concluded: "Focused on football there is a big difference of River with the rest, always tries to play soccer ".


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