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"I recommend you": three books to read during the holidays

María Gabriela Bosso. Writer and filmmaker. He directs the International Film Festival "Signs of the Night" and published two novels "About Judas" and "Musha".

Go to the snow

Xelim Maximum

Foundation of the book (224 pages)

I choose because …

This book has changed my life and therefore I prescribe it as a rare remedy for the soul. By reading it, it is impossible not to glimpse the wonder of our own life. The work tells the story of Dr. Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist who survived the concentration camps through multiple labyrinths of pain. This is where he puts his theory of meaning into practice.

Fragment of "going out into the snow"

"I wake up and it's like stepping out of a pit with a stone tied around my neck, I can see the hollow space still warm on the other side of the bed, I sit awkwardly, awkwardly, with my shoulders and neck aching, and I see Irene sitting on the I look at her dark form, backlit by the light filtering through the window, I look at the red dot, which moves, ignites, and almost disappears. I feel my mouth covered by something pasty, I smell my breath … "

The man in search of meaning

Viktor Frankl

Herder Editorial (168 pages)

I choose because …

When I read this novel was tattooed in my memory and it thrilled me immensely. With his magic words and being the owner of a particular style of writing, Juan Solá manages to take the beauty of pain. A while ago – in an interview – the author explained that he wrote to survive the story told by those who lose and that is why I read.

Fragment of "man in search of meaning"

"But what do prisoners dream of?" With bread, cakes, cigarettes, and hot water baths, not having satisfied those simple desires led them to seek their fulfillment in dreams, whether these dreams were beneficial or not, is another matter. had to wake up from them and put themselves in the harsh reality of country life and the terrible contrast between it and its illusions.I will never forget one night when I was awakened by the moans of a friend trapped, who was trembling in sleep, obviously the victim of a horrible nightmare. "

The Chaco

Juan Solá

Southern Editorial Sheets (100 pages)

I choose because …

It is a collection of 12 hypnotic tales, where suspense is the main protagonist. After reading the first paragraph of any of the stories, you can not let go until the end. None of these stories are written by themselves. Instead, they are an invitation to look for the reverse and dark of everyday life.

Fragment of "La Chaco"

"I cried a lot, I cried inconsolably, the sun kept going up through the sky and the tiles stopped being yellow and then they were oranges, and they were purple, and when the light hit the razors, the tiles were also red. like the blood that painted my bony knees.

There was no longer any smell of coffee, and the texture of the tangerine segments escaped my fingers. I also did not hear the noise of the dishes that are stacked on the counter after Sunday lunch. The cicadas sang their pains in the lapachos of the courtyard. "

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