"I love hearing you …" Cris Morena praised her grandson, Franco Yan!


The son of Romina YanFranco Giordano Yan became the living figure of his mother. The young actor, composer and musician became known in the moving and emotional tribute to his mother and from that moment he became a prominent figure in the entertainment world and the first to highlight his talent was nothing less than his grandmother . , Cris Morena.

The producer, director and businesswoman could not stop recognizing Franco's talent and decided to share in his Instagram account an affectionate message dedicated to his grandson: "I love to hear you sing, sweet and passionate grandson dear!", Were the words that accompanied the video in which you can listen to Romina's son singing a classic musical: "I just saw a face" of the Beatles.

Roman yan

The publication of Cris caused a great commotion in social networks, since the netizens did not let the occasion pass and they noticed the evident similarity that it has with its mother, Romina Yan. "Her grandson Cris is beautiful," "Genius," "Linda, like her mother" and "It's amazing how Romi is," were some of the messages that photographers wrote.

It seems that Franco has been able to revive the image of his mother and does it in the best way, not only with its physical similarity, since the young man is responsible for demonstrating that he also inherited the talent of Romina and little by little, he claims its place in the show business Certainly your name will appear in the media and will be solidified in the complicated atmosphere of the show.

Watch the publication of Cris Morena:


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