I know which phones to stop working on WhatsApp


The application of the WhatsApp messages comes astonishing once again with one of its changes. This year they implemented various modifications, between them, the warning when a message is retransmitted and the group video calls. This time the application presented some restrictions for its use.

In this way, the platform will have some limitations for certain equipment. As of December 31, new WhatsApp accounts can no longer be created, for Nokia S40. In addition, in the case of Android with OS 2.3.7 or earlier; and the iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier, the deadline is February 1, 2020.

In addition, this does not mean that the WhatsApp accounts on these computers will disappear, but accounts that are already working will continue to do so, but new accounts can no longer be created. In any event, according to Infobae, although profiles already created continue to operate on these mobile phones, Some functions may stop working correctly at any time, as explained in the blog.

In this sense, so that users can know what operating system cell phones have and predict the modifications that the application will do, in the case of Android, you have to go to Settings, click on the phone and there you can see the version of the operating system of the phone, as well as the phone model and the IMEI, among other subjects.

In addition, to achieve the same, in the case of iPhone, you have to go to Settings, select General, and then select Information, to know the operating system of the phone and to be aware of the changes that have already been announced in relation to WhatsApp.


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