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"I hope to have a summer in peace" Nazarena Velez did not hide her discomfort when she discovered … "


The theatrical season began and the conflicts began to take center stage. The first in the door has as main figures a very famous trio: Barbie Vélez, Nazarene Vélez and Federico Bal. They have a long history of clashes, since Barbie and Fede ended their love relationship in bad conditions and the mother of the media could not help getting involved to defend their daughter.

On that occasion, Nazarene learned that her eldest daughter works very close to her ex. Although the actor was dismissed by justice after accusations of violence made by his former partner against him, the tension between exsuegra and Carmen Barbieri's son continues. The first to return to the subject was the actress, she participated in the program Veronica Lozano and talked about it.

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"The truth is I'm going to be closer to Barbie, Obviously I need to work, but it's a strong summer for her because it's the first season she has the person she reported," her defense began in Cortá. Lozano then added, "Barbie told me she had closed with rights, she was going to Mar del Plata and I knew the other was also going with her mother there."

Later, Vélez was very sincere: "I hope to have a summer in peace," he said. Then she revealed what her daughter told her: "She told me" I feel a little something here in the chest "and there I started to see all the proposals I had from Mar del Plata and said & # 39; 39; I'll go there with you & # 39; " , said the media and commented the drastic news she gave: accompany her daughter to Mar del Plata.

To close the question, it was blunt: "That Barbie told me that I felt that discomfort coming to me and I went out to say" Mom comes in. "I know she's a 24-year-old woman who is very good at I do not think it's so stupid, this guy, but if I'm around I feel much better, it's not like she's asking me to do it, but I said, "Mom , go, "he finished.

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