"I grabbed him by the neck and beat him" and other details of the pitched battle in the Copa del Rey


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The minutes of the match between




which has the signature of the referee Javier Estrada Fernández is a history of events that do not seem to be part of a simple sporting event: four players and a physical trainer were marked by the pitched battle that occurred at the end of a match that was defined by the two. goals scored by Rodrigo after the minute 90. So many who gave the classification in time for Valencia in the quarterfinals of

King's Cup


"Shameful tangana," the newspaper Marca said. Meanwhile, both teams still shoot crossword puzzles. After the departure and the return of Ché, the pitched battle was disputed by players, security agents and by the National Police. The field of play was the scene of blows, shoves and insults.

Valencia qualified for the Copa del Rey semifinals yesterday, after winning 3-1 at Getafe with a trio by Rodrigo Moreno in the return of the quarterfinals of the tournament. The Madrid team went ahead with a goal from Jorge Molina kicking hard on the post (1m), but in the second half Rodrigo Moreno tied the area (61) before making the 2×1 with another kick. in the area (90 + 1) and to sign the 3-1 (90 + 3). "We showed an impressive character," Rodrigo said after the game for the Bein Sports television microphones.

The home team came back with a 2-1 draw in the first leg and did not qualify because Getafe secured a 1-0 win in the first leg and doubled goals in the opposite field in the case of draw.

"We could not deal with the final minutes," Getafe coach Jose Bordalás said, adding that "the punishment was excessive." Getafe could not take revenge on the final of the 2008 World Cup, which beat Valencia and the tension experienced in the field was released after whistling the referee at the end of the game.

  • Other incidents: (Player: Bruno González Cabrera) As soon as the game is over, he faces No. 12 Valencia CF, D. Mouctar Diakhaby, who has just entered the field, grabbing him by the neck and hitting him. He had to be separated by several players, being later expelled
  • Other incidents: (Player: Damian Nicolás Suárez Suárez) Once finished the game and entering the tunnel of the dressing room, he nudges a member of Valencia CF who was wearing club clothes and then hits a different member in the face. Later, inside the tunnel, he went to my No. 1 assistant while repeatedly tapping his index finger on his chest and threatening him in the following terms: "you're a cagón"
  • Other incidences: (Player: Jaime Mata Arnaiz) Once the game is over and inside the tunnel of the locker room, he goes to my assistant Nº1 in the following terms: "he is ashamed of the arbitration", repeatedly
  • Other incidents: (Player: Mouctar Diakhaby) As the game ended, he entered the field in front of Getafe CF number 4. D. Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, while he grabbed him by the throat and hit him. He had to be separated by several players, being later expelled
  • In the 90-minute drive, Fernandez Rodriguez, Ismael was sent off for the following reason: going to the opposing team after a provocative and disrespectful goal and saying "stick fuckers" repeatedly

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