"I do not know what happened, my granddaughter seemed to have a cold and from day to day she died"


Says Atilio Troncoso, grandfather of the first fatal victim of the hanta virus in the south.

A few hours ago, Atilio Troncoso buried his sister, Celia Troncoso (64), whom she saw from time to time and whom she loved in a contradictory and not always clear way that the brothers offered each other. This comes from days too hard. On December 3, he did the same with his granddaughter, Camila Troncoso (14), granddaughter whom he and his wife, Grabila Márquez, considered truly a royal daughter.

A hurricane passed through the lives of both carrying almost everything. He could start crying now in front of the camera and the reporters, but he chooses to make jokes. One after the other. Little jokes typical of countrymen, who now operate as a mechanism against pain. In the comfortable living room of his house, built on half a hectare of land, he and his wife rise up from jokes and laughter, although deep down they would like to cry until they disappear. You use sweet words to talk about your "favorite little granddaughter," she opens her lips in a grimace, looks at nothing, and suddenly her eyes fill with tears.

"We do not understand what happened and I do not know if anyone understands what's going on." My granddaughter had a headache, with a mild fever, her body aching, with a cold and from day to day she died, "says the man.

Camila was one of more than 30 teenagers who participated in a 15-year anniversary in the Pehumayén room, located about 800 meters from where the grandparents live, on November 10. "After the party, he spent a day here and left, he was fine, as always, we did not see him any more, he spent 15 days and then got sick." The strange thing is that neither the mother nor the two younger brothers infected, "says the grandmother.

Camila's mother imagined at first that it was a flu like so many others, a common and current picture. For this reason, she accompanied her to the routine examinations, first with the doctors of Epuyén, then with El Bolsón and finally with Esquel, the largest city in the region. They moved on or off in vehicles without taking any precautions, although hantavirus is endemic and warnings about symptoms are maintained during the summer.

"I saw her again when she was seriously ill, hospitalized, went to the Esquel hospital and went to Intensive Care and was with her," says Atilio. The story is surprising because it reveals the complete lack of a safety protocol for relatives and acquaintances of patients during the first few days of the outbreak. "Not only was I unmasked, they all walked with faces like that, with nothing, doctors, nurses, everyone," the man stands out.

Troncoso says her sister also visited her in Intensive Care, but wearing a mask. Take the opportunity to clarify another strange fact, your sister rarely left. "She had no contact with Camila or anyone else, she never left home, we saw little"follow

The official version, which is supported both by the Chubut health system and by some of the Cordillera doctors, is that on November 13, case 0 was confirmed: Victor Diaz, who appeared on the 10th of that same month, where I would have infected other people. Diaz was saved and now lives in seclusion. His wife died.

Could infected adolescents be the first litter of carriers? Atilio and Grabila are not convinced of this. Nor do they make sense in the hypothesis of patient 0. No one has explained too much. "The misinformation is very great and the province did nothing, here never came a doctor, an employee, nobody came to talk to us and that our granddaughter and my sister died," says Atilio. He does not know, of course, that the specialists in Malbrán work by parts trying to verify each case. Nor that the sanitary authorities of Chubut and Río Negro are mobilized. Not even that the number of affected yesterday reached 26. "I stopped listening to the radio, this makes me very bad because the province does not stop to say that they came, that there is prevention, that there is a barrier, that there is everything and it is a lie, Did you see anything in the city that looked like a control? No, "he emphasizes.

The necessary laughter faded for a few seconds. Grabila picks up the tears with a white handkerchief. Are they infected? "I do not think, I do not know, nobody came to ask me for an exam", clarifies the grandfather.


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