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"I apologize to people" – 12/21/2018


Gustavo Alfaro announced his departure from the hurricane through a very long and moving letter. In it, he apologized to the people of Globo and expressed that he is aware that he can receive insults the next time he sees them. In addition, he placed special emphasis on thanking President Nadur. Look at his words.


Good afternoon. I wish to express through this communication on my behalf and my TC, the termination of my contractual relationship with Club Atlético Huracán. Very complex decision for me, the emotional and the sport. I have lived 18 wonderful and unforgettable months at the club. I have been very respectful and supportive from the moment I arrived. On behalf of the leaders, led by its president Alejandro Nadur, and its players, and that later with the passage of time, was adding its fans unconditionally.

The reasons and causes are not easy to explain or perhaps accept. All the things in my life cost me a lot, from my beginning as a player to my search as a coach. They have always been steep slopes and far from simple. But always with the eyes put forward, to try to win challenges. And already in this phase of closing my career, I am summoned for a sports project that I would like to cross. I know this is not easy to understand or accept when analyzing from passion and not from reason. I know that there will be people who are hurt, disappointed, and perhaps disappointed, and I know that in this profession the technicians are not immune to public derision, which often separates us from a very fine line. But for me there are only words of gratitude for Hurricane World. Starting with President Alejandro Nadur. I wish all the presidents that I had were like him, as I said, at the height of the best things of Don Julio Grondona. Also of all its technical team, always in the lower part of the canyon, supporting the causes, the collaborators, of the Logistics in the day to day, passing by the Medical Body of Excellence, by its assistants, the personnel of Security, the Administration, the press , all

Players, not to mention them, tireless gladiators, emblems of illusion, architects of realities. There have always been more than 11 who entered the field and those who did the transformation allowed us to dream again and put the team in place that demands its history. THANK YOU I lean over to them. I apologize to people, I do not ask you to understand me. I only thank every voice of encouragement in the gallery, in the street, in the banner, in that sentence that contextualized everything, THANK YOU FOR RETURNING PRIDE.

I know that maybe the next time we cross the voices it's insults, I put a breastplate on my heart, as we often do coaches to protect us, but I know it's going to hurt, and I know the cost of my decision. This was not simple, cross-emotions and strong feelings. But today with pain I feel I have to leave. I know this little 18-month Legacy is heavily guarded in the minds of its leaders and in the hearts of its players. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS HURRICANE, WITH PAIN I TELL YOU GOODBYE.

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