how to view messages without appearing online


Use WhatsApp at your leisure without anyone knowing what you do in the application. This trick can help you with your privacy on the net.

There are several tricks to reading WhatsApp messages without revealing that you are logged in or have actually read the text just received on your cell phone. There are endless arguments for wanting to do this, so we explained the procedure for accessing your communications without being "in" WhatsApp.

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The easiest way to access WhatsApp without anyone knowing is to use the & # 39; Airplane & # 39; After receiving the messages, do not unlock the device, deploy the quick options and select the vote "Plan Mode". What the cell phone will do is disconnect completely, allowing you to read messages without seeming connected and ignorant of the sender.

If messages are not too long, what you can do is use WhatsApp message reading in pop-up notifications. The option is available within the application with the "always show pop-up element" option. What this will do is make the message visible on the unlock screen.

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If your thing is never appearing online in WhatsApp, it is advisable to disable it from configuring the messaging application. It should be noted that this change also prevents you from seeing the last connection of your other contacts.



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