Sunday , June 20 2021

How to prevent hantavirus –

The hantavirus outbreak has launched a series of prevention measures in the south of the country where, as on other occasions, the first cases were presented at this time of year. Now, there are already four people treated for the disease in the province of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Health Minister Andrés Scarsi gave this data to bring tranquility: "70% of the cases in the province occur between November and the end of March, that is, ending the spring and during the summer, we are within the number of usual cases for the time of year ".

However, they recommend taking these measures into account to prevent disease transmitted to humans through contact with saliva, feces and urine from infected wild mice.

What should be done to prevent hantavirus?


1 Control that rodents do not enter or nest in homes

2 To cover holes in doors, walls and pipes

3 Clean floors, tables, drawers and cabinets with one part of bleach every ten of water, leave 30 minutes and rinse

4 Cut pastures and weeds up to a radius of 30 m around the house

5 Place firewood more than 30 m from the house

4 Ventilate at least 30 minutes before entering indoors

5 To cover mouth and nose with a wet handkerchief before entering places that were closed


1 Camping away from weeds and dumps

2 Do not sleep directly on the floor

3 Consume potable water

3 Use Closed shoes and long pants.

4 To preserve for rodent predators (owls, chimangos, owls)

What to do when we find a rodent?

1 If he is alive: Use poison for rodents or hunters to capture it, do not touch it or hit

2 If he's dead: Spray with bleach together with everything that could be in contact and wait at least 30 minutes. Then put on gloves and bury it more than 30 cm deep or burn it.

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