Monday , March 1 2021

How to perform a proper diet during the summer without errors

Food is one of the big problems during the rest.

It is always advisable to request a turn with a medical nutritionist in order to begin to achieve the desired goal in a conscious way, with a nutritional plan based on what the body needs, with healthy foods that provide minerals, nutrients. and fibers. Among the most common mistakes are: skip the snack: these are essential to arrive with less hunger at the following meals. Ideally, they have 150 calories, so options such as fruits or yogurt are recommended; Not eating enough: although, to lose weight, consume fewer calories, that does not mean that we should go hungry. It is crucial to learn to select foods that are low in calories, but that satisfy us and have a high nutritional value; use too much seasoning: these condiments provide lots of calories and their overuse can be counterproductive in our diet, even if accompanied by a salad or portion of meat. It is advisable to use them in small portions; Restrict Food: There are no good or bad foods, but the problem is usually in the portions and / or combinations. That is why the choice of diets that restrict the consumption of certain foods generates a decrease in weight in the short term, but causes anxiety and the risk of a rebound effect.

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