How to open a free account and in a few minutes in the first 100% digital bank in Argentina


Since June 30, Wilobank has been the first 100% digital bank in Argentina. This institution is the only one of its kind authorized until now by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). The bank, owned by Corporación América, the holding company of Eduardo Eurnekianhas already managed to exceed 20,000 customers.

"The main advantage of operating with this bank is that the user should not approach a physical agency to register as a customer, only have to be over 18, have an ID and download the application from a mobile phone or tablet," he explained Infobae Guillermo Francospresident of Wilobank. "We seek to create a fully digital and modern bank, but we also decided to give a bonus that makes us even more different from the traditional banking system: we started paying annual interest of 25% on the daily balances of the savings account. "

Francos explains that "a local bank pays less than 1% a year today, and some do not pay anything directly for the money a customer can leave in a salary account. physical, we communicate through the customer's email account and we are present both for the bank and for those who are not banked. "

The estimated time for account opening is less than 5 minutes and allows access to a savings account in pesos and dollars and to an international MasterCard debit card at no cost, maintenance and cancellation. All products have technology without contact, a new method of wireless payment.

To open an account, you must perform the following steps:

1 – Once the application is downloaded (Wilobank customer registration), the identity must be verified by email.

2 – We then scan the front and back of the DNI to obtain the person's data.

3 – The process of biometrics includes making some gestures with the face through a scan with the front camera of the phone. Thus, the photographs are compared with the DNI to obtain proof of life and confirmation that the user is making the opening. At this moment, the to score of the person proposing credit products.

4 – The user must enter some extra personal information, such as the mailing address to receive the cards.

5 – The customer accepts the basket of products: savings box in pesos and dollars and debit card. And you have the possibility to opt for credit card and loan if they were granted.

6 – The process ends up creating a user and password to operate.

Wilobank has different channels of customer service. On social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It can also be accessed through your website and via phone. The bank operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, it offers personal loans ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000 and, in the future, also seeks to provide mortgage and business loans. Once the person is a client, the availability of the loan remains in effect for 30 days. In general, traditional banks impose fines for pre-canceling loans, but this new 100% digital bank does not charge anything.


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