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How to Hide WhatsApp Double Blue Check


O double blue check was one of the most controversial Whatsapp. Since it arrived, instant messaging appears in the chats four states messages that are exchanged, each differentiated by its own icon. Many users do not know the meaning of some of them, but we all know that the Blue WhatsApp Double Check It has a meaning: the message was read. Do you know how to disable double blue check in WhatsApp? We tell you how to do this.

Although Whatsapp It is a company owned by Facebook, even his development team remains independent of Mark Zuckerberg's company. And in this team they take the privacy of users –or that they have always promisedand that is why WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption for messages. But, in addition, users have certain privacy settings that allow us to control, to a certain extent, what information about us other users may know. It's him double blue checkthat "symbolizes" that we have read a messageis one of those parameters that we can adjust.

The four "states" of WhatsApp messages: their icons and what each of them means

  • A gray check: The message has reached the WhatsApp servers.
  • Two gray checks: The message has reached the receiver of the WhatsApp servers.
  • Two blue checks: The message was read by the receiver.

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In addition to the previous three, there is a & quot; fourth state & quot; in which the message is displayed with an icon in the form of watch; Usually appears when there is connectivity problemsand means that the message is still on the sender's device and has not been received by the WhatsApp servers.

How to turn off WhatsApp's double blue check to prevent other users from knowing that we've read your messages

If we want disable double blue check WhatsApp, for hide that we read the messages, we have it easier: you have to access the Configuration within the application, then access Account and move to the Privacy Once here, the last option we will find will be & # 39; Read confirmations & # 39;, and what we should do is to clear or deactivate the setting.

The & # 39; problem & # 39; deactivate read receipts within the WhatsApp application is that we will not just hide the double blue check for the rest of the users, but also for us. That is, with this change, we will prevent other users from knowing whether or not to read your messages, but we will automatically stop seeing them when they have read our messages. On the other hand, this setting does not affect group conversations for certain multimedia content exchanges.

Written by Carlos González

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