how to enable and configure the standby mode of your Pixel or Android One


One of the new features that Pixel and Android One devices will find after upgrading to Android 9 is Pie Digital wellness, a series of tools that allow us to disconnect from our cell phone.

One of the tools we find in Digital wellness it's the Rest mode, and is the perfect option for our cell phone remind us that it is late and that we should go to sleep.

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Rest mode


To enable and configure this feature, simply go to Settings> Digital Welfare> Sleep Mode. In this mode, what allows us is schedule our Android device to activate the Gray scale function and the mode Do not bother. It also allows us to program separately night light.

Rest mode

The grayscale function it does is to place the black and white screen, as a reminder that we have to go to sleep. To relax the view the Nightlight function adjusts the display to an adjustable amberSo, it bothers the screen less when there is little light. Both modes can be activated at the same time to have the screen in monochrome and amber tone.

Night light

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Do not bother

Do not bother

The sleep mode, by default, activates the Do Not Disturb mode, which is set Settings> Digital Welfare> Do Not Disturb. This is the mode that silences notifications, calls, and messages. There we can customize which contacts we want to receive calls, messages next to the types of events and notifications.

Digital wellness

Digital wellnessThis varies by device.

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