How the App Works to Have a Car Without Buying It


The Awto app works for iOS and Android and the authorization to use it is obtained in 24 hours Source: File – Credit: Awto

Starting next week, a city can be used in the
service that will allow you to drive a car without owning one. It will start working.
Awto, a brand that already operates in Chile, will do so in Argentina in partnership with Nissan.

The Awto app works for iOS and Android. You need to download any of these digital stores and make a registration. The photos are taken from the DNI, a
selfie and the identity is validated. Then a credit card is associated. Authorization to use the
app This is achieved in 24 hours.

The application has a geolocation system (a map) showing the cars available. They will not be on the street, but in malls, airports, large supermarkets, parking lots and other "stations".

Vehicles can be used per minute or per hour and the service is paid by credit card
Vehicles can be used per minute or per hour and the service is paid by credit card Credit: Awto

The available vehicles will be the Nissan Kicks and the March. The vehicle that is required will be clicked on the chosen location and will be reserved. The car will open through the application and the keys will be inside. It will include fuel (each user must leave with a tank room), insurance and exclusive parking spots.

There will be 25 centers, 95% – for now – in the city of Buenos Aires. The car, which can not leave the country, will also be returned in a "season".

The cost per compact car is $ 7.30 per minute or $ 440 per hour ($ 2200 per full day from the fifth hour of use). The price if the car is parked is reduced by 50%. The premium car has a value of $ 9.50 per minute and $ 570 per hour.

Credit: AWTO


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