How Intelligent Containers Work That Raised the Wrath of Cartoners


The groupings that bring together the cartoneros and recyclers they are against of the new digital containers that the Government of Buenos Aires distributed along the route of the redesigned avenue of Corrientes. The main objection is that the boxes can not be opened manually. With this situation, they say, thousands of people will be out of work. How Do Renewed Boxes Work?

To open them, you need a card that contains the first and last name of the user. The government of Buenos Aires distributes them only to administrators of buildings, merchants and residents of the region.

The mechanism is digital and magnetic. To open the lid, you have to put the card in the reader, push a button and only then you can throw the bags. Once it closes again, the container is resealed.

"It is an anti-poor measure, the population does not know how to separate at source. It is the last link to get what they have from the poor. There is hunger. The independent cartonist is being pursued. We are in the system, but not many. There are no seats today, "he said. Central TN Sergio Sánchez, president of the Federation of Cartels.

For his part, the municipal executive, the city's environment and public space minister, Eduardo Macchiavelli, defended the installation of the dumps. "We want to incorporate technology to be more demanding and know the amount of garbage that is generated. This gives us just the information to be more efficient. Having this data in real time makes truck routes better, "he said.

The guide to how the new garbage container works. (Photo: TN Capture)
The guide to how the new garbage container works. (Photo: TN Capture)

This afternoon, City Police officers they prevented cartoners and recyclers from cutting the corner of Corrientes and Callao during a protest.

According to information from the Buenos Aires government, the new containers are disposed of Corrientes a Libertad. There are 18, although it is they will put 24. It is a pilot test and, if it works, the intention is to take them to other neighborhoods of the Capital.


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