How did Jimena Barón end the debate with Julia Mengolini on empowerment? Watch your latest tweets!


Last Thursday, a heated debate erupted between Julia Mengolini and Jimena Barón in feminism and empowerment. It all started with a joke of the journalist. "Last days of panza al sol … (I know, I know, I'm heavier than Jimena Barón with her cul *)," she wrote in her Instagram account, Julia, at the foot of a photo where she poses with the pregnant belly. Immediately several followers went to question it, even Jime

"The same picture of my ass * years ago when I did not go to the gym and weighed several kilos more, it makes me a real, respectable and honest woman. Today, training hard and loving and sharing my firm pomps with freedom, I I am a hypocritical and frivolous slave. Feminism interesting … selective, "he retorted. or singer of the fool.

So the lawyer clarified, "It's okay to have a lomazo and post 3 photos of your cul * per day … each carry the patriarchy as best as possible." Now, do not come to me with the idea that this is power I see it more as a kind of slavery. He added: "Ending the perfect ass" has several problems that I know: 1) It reproduces cultural parameters of beauty that frustrate and enslave those who do not have it. 2) Slave your carrier that sooner or later you will lose the race against time and, once discarded, will generate a major gap.

Feminism is freedom and let's not fool ourselves, 20 hours in the gym is not freedom, although you think it's a decision of your own, because she is not a sister, "continued Mengolini. And exemplified by the waxing, "I do not think putting hot wax and playing against the grain is an act of freedom, but rather a place where I keep agreeing," he said. "Feminism can not only be a personal fulfillment, it has to be a collective achievement. It is a very liberal and individualistic feminism that is satisfied that" everyone does what they want. "(Or we keep the slogan or do politics) he closed.

Jimena He did not shut up. "Live your own life and leave the neighbor in peace, if you are happy without disturbing anyone! Freedom is that." And she responded directly to the brunette: "Each with what makes her feel empowered, enough with the training manual, which sounds much more slave than training, we already have enough manual mines to create empowerment." Finally, she closed the discussion with the following tweet: "Do not follow any manual on how to be an empowered woman." With what it costs us all! Do not sell us a manual for that too! Whatever it is that makes you feel a bit pride and power as a woman, go on! Radiant, strong and overwhelming, you followed, no more walk, parade.What do you think of the discussion?


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