Hot metal: a couple recited from a recital to have sex in the front row – 11/26/2018


In full metal band show Machine head, They kicked a couple out of the audience because they were keeping sex in the front row.

During their tour, the American band was on tour playlist in San Diego, California –the last 21– after more than a decade of absence, when an episode occurred in which the band sublimated itself in the form of a tremendous compliment. As JAF would say, If you leave your hair to the wind, it is that heavy metal runs in your veins …

A lot of excitement The effect of Machine Head's music had unexpected consequences ... (Photo: Twitter)

A lot of excitement The effect of Machine Head's music had unexpected consequences … (Photo: Twitter)

The thing is that the last couple of affection distracted the boys and caught the attention of the patovicas located in a subway. If they say that the charango has sexual powers, let's imagine the pneumatic hammer of the heavy … The group tweeted at the edge of the heart attack: "When a boy and a girl get kicked out for having sex in the front row? You know it's going to end in insanity … It's no joke! … WOW, what a greeting they gave us, we're thrilled! . "

The information "The couple was retired retired for security." The show – the rock too – was made on the spot Blues House in the City. "It was total madness," the metal workers said.

The public manifestation of affection triggered another ambiguous acknowledgment from the group: Unquestionably the best show we've ever seen and one of the craziest and most reckless of the entire tour! Many thanks to everyone for an unforgettable night of fury! "

A good one for the Machine, since lately the little that is known about them has to do with its advanced phase of decomposition. Two months ago, guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain announced that they will leave the band, even if the singer Robb Flynn he made a Pact of gentlemen with their audience ensuring that Machine Head will continue to play and that "these two issues" will be properly replaced.


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