Hopeful Russian space agency despite failed attempt of satellite control


The Russian space agency says it has failed to restore communications with a radio telescope in orbit but remains hopeful that it will regain control of the satellite soon.

"It was not possible to restore communication with the radio telescope as a result of the work done today," the space agency Roskosmos said on Jan. 13 in a Twitter message.

"Now experts are analyzing the results and are preparing a plan for further action to restore communication. The work of restoring communication with the spacecraft will be continued tomorrow, "he added.

Roskosmos lost the link to the Spektr-R satellite on Jan. 11 and has been trying to re-establish communication since the telescope is still transmitting scientific data.

Spektr-R was launched in 2011 with a life expectancy of about three years.

It works in conjunction with a series of telescopes on Earth to study radio signals originated in and out of our galaxy.

He also notices the solar wind and outer magnetosphere of the planet.

Based on AP and TASS reports


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