Historic strike for Rio's bar: 284 members can not go to court – 01/15/2019


The 300 entries found in Hector's house Cave Godoy, leader of the River bar since 2009, was no longer in an attack. The Ministry of Security has applied a right of admission for an indefinite period of time 284 members of Council Drunks, the maximum penalty provided. All were investigated in the case for the resale of tickets made by the promoter Norberto Brotto.

300 tickets, 7 million pesos in cash, official River clothes, bags, flags and drums. Everything the police found at the house of the bar boss in San Miguel. It happened days before the failed return game between River and Boca in the Monumental for the Copa Libertadores final, which finally won the team of Marcelo Gallardo but in Madrid.

The news came Official bulletin, where the names and DNIs of the riverbanks were published that from now on they are forbidden to enter the stadiums. There, it is indicated that "the actions of these individuals are profuse and reckless, without any objection to the obedience of law and public safety. "

"This is considered to be very serious in order to maintain the prevention and security that should reign in massive assistance, which is why it is necessary to apply the guidelines set forth in Article 3 of Resolution MS No. 354/17. to apply, in cases of very serious events, the restriction of agreement for an indeterminate period"he explains.

In addition, he informs "that the spirit of the regulations in question is preserve order and safety at football shows and is focused on emphasizing prevention in the development of a sporting event, it is notorious that the goal is to neutralize and prevent the presence in the case of people who have violated the law or were involved in an administratively or judicially reprehensible behavior. "

Finally, he assures that "for this consideration, the application to the nominees of the figure of the Administrative Competition Restriction for any soccer program for the INDECTIVE TERM is evaluated, in accordance with the provisions of article 2, section a) and article 3 of Resolution MS No. 354/17, in accordance with Article 7 of Decree 246/17, from the date of publication of the measure.

In the Official Gazette of the Nation you can find the names and DNI of the bars that can not attend the stadiums. Of course, the big question that always involves these measures is whether it will be sufficient to end violence in football, something that for now seems unlikely.


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