His legs were amputated by the police officer who had been shot during a robbery in Parque Chacabuco


The city police officer who had been shot a week ago in the abdomen by criminals who tried to steal the car when he waited for the relay to finish his work hours in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Chacabuco. He suffered the amputation of his legs.

Isaías Correa (31) was still in the intensive care unit of Churruca Hospital this afternoon, in the Parque Patricios neighborhood. Informed police sources Telam what the decision was made by the medical team as a result of the injuries caused by the bullet.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at night, around 9:30 p.m., when the officer was waiting for the guard to take over from day 14, next to his private car parked on Calle Albarracín in 1800between Saraza and Zañartu.

According to the spokesmen, Correa was caught for theft by a group of criminals who were traveling in a black vehicle and shot him in the abdomen.

After the attack, the criminals apparently escaped with the money's regulatory weapon, which was not found locally.

A companion of the officer approached the place of the suit and moved the wounded in his vehicle to the Churruca Hospital, where He was hospitalized in a very serious condition and had to go through resuscitation tasks.

Strap It was operated because of an injury to the aortic artery and a perforation in the bowel's gut and they were able to extract the bullet.

However, the doctors amputated both legs for Correa, who continued hospitalized in serious condition.


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