He wiped his ear with a cotton swab, suffered a dangerous infection and ended up in the worst way


A 31-year-old man used a cotton swab to clean his ear, but he never thought of the risk he could be subjected to. The "harmless" product caused a terrible infection.

He wiped his ear with a cotton swab and suffered an infection in his brain.
He wiped his ear with a cotton swab and suffered an infection in his brain.

After suffering seizures and vomiting, a man was rushed to a hospital in England where doctors confirmed that he was suffering from a dangerous infection. Although the patient was treated by his family doctor, days later his health worsened and he confirmed an unusual diagnosis.

After being medicated by a severe pain of heard, the situation worsened and doctors confirmed that the patient had an unusual infection that caused cranial abscesses. Although the man had no fever and physical examination was "normal", he began to suffer from memory loss, headaches, convulsions, heardsecretion of your heard left and vomit.

For this reason, the patient underwent a more complete examination and computed tomography of the skull showed the presence of abscesses caused by an infection known as necrotizing external otitis which began with a swab.

The infection that alarmed everyone is caused by bacteria and affects the ear canal, the surrounding bone and, in the case of this man, also affected the tissue inside the skull, but not the brain. The expert Alexander Charlton stated that the patient had a history of intermittent pain in the heard left ear and hearing loss for five years.

Faced with possible fatal meningitis due to brain infection, the man was treated with antibiotics. Before that, doctors explored their heard under general anesthesia and detected that the ear canal was inflamed and with a swab.

For this reason, the professionals removed the cotton that remained in the heard of the patient, and the residues were removed. After 10 weeks, he was able to recover completely.

Although it is normal for many people to use cotton swabs to clean their ears in 2017, health officials have commented that it should not be used for this purpose as it can damage the ear canal and the eardrum. In addition, recent studies suggest that the ear canal is "self-cleaning" and recommends cleaning the ears with a damp cloth.

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