He was a firefighter, responded to a siren ring, was hit and died – 08/01/2019


He was only 18 years old, a life to come and an immense vocation to help. Joaquín Revainera, a volunteer firefighter from the Avellaneda party, He died according to his obligations. And all your "brothers of fire" are in mourning.

On Monday afternoon, Joaquin answered a siren from the fire alarm of a house. He got his motorcycle and went to Piñeyro barracks to answer the emergency call. But on the way they got it right.

Firefighter Joaquin Revainera died in fulfillment of his duties.

Firefighter Joaquin Revainera died in fulfillment of his duties.

Belonging to Society of Voluntary Firefighters of Echenagucia, Gerli and Piñeyro. "We regret to report that Joaquín Revainera, a member of our active body, died in a tragic accident," they published on Facebook.

On Monday, from 7:30 p.m., a vigil took place at Gerli's headquarters. And this Tuesday morning, the remains were transferred to a local cemetery.

Following the tragedy, condolences were replicated in barracks and associations that bring together firefighters from across the country. He was also dismissed by friends, neighbors, former teachers and colleagues of this young man who many define as "hero."

Firefighter Joaquín Revainera (left).

Firefighter Joaquín Revainera (left).

"We will always remember your generosity and humility that you taught so many of us with so few years, and we say goodbye to you on a large scale, as you deserve," wrote his colleague Matías Pulido.

"There are no words, there is no consolation," shared Joaquin Akd Soria, who defined as "a funny and naughty boy, attentive and considerate, a fireman and great companion, Racing fan and a bit hot. "" You took a part of each of us, "concluded his friend.


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