He sued his ex-wife for $ 300,000 for making him believe he was the biological father of his children


One man discovered, after 20 years of raising them, that he was not the biological father of his children. A doctor said he was infertile from birth. Now a judge has ordered the ex-wife of Richard Mason pay a fine of $ 318,000.

After a tough legal battle, the woman can keep her father's real name secret. For Mason, in turn, never crossed his mind, I do not doubt for a second, that his children were not really his. Doctors diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that, in his case, caused infertility.

A DNA test confirmed what he feared: he was not the biological father of his 23-year-old son and his two 19-year-old twins. Mason separated from his ex-wife Kate in 2007. In 2016, when he learned that he was infertile and confronted her, she confessed that he was unfaithful.

Mason believes the same man is the father of his three children, and that it happened during a novel, that lasted about four years, that his ex-wife had in the mid-90's.

Apparently, the ex-lover of the woman knows that the three young people are her children. The case became known after Mason set up a legal fight to recover part of the $ 5 million that his ex had spent after the divorce.. He sued her for fraud, for making her believe he was a father, Daily Mail.

According to Mason, after the birth of his first son, his ex-wife took a sudden interest in Judaism and gave the children the second name in Hebrew. He also refused to baptize them as Christians. For him, this could be an indication of who the real father is.

Mason, 55, who is a successful Internet entrepreneur, confesses that his life was destroyed when he learned that the boys were not his children.

"You do not know what is real and what is not, as if you are living the Matrix." Someday someone tells you: Everything you knew and everything that you thought was solid and true is not real and never existed. You are not the father, you can not have children, your name will not have a legacy"said Mason.

"Through Facebook I still see what the guys are doing, it's devastating, the other day I saw the veteran's graduation and I was not invited," he added.

Mason says his ex-wife deceived him and believed the boys were his. He had reason to doubt his fatherhood, since she became pregnant after 7 years of marriage.

After the divorce, the woman constantly asked for money to support her children. "While the biological father never put a weight"said Mason.

In 2016, when he learned of his condition, his ex-wife confessed to him the romance he had during, but he refused to give a name. She said she had had sex about 12 times with her ex-lover, but that she could not be the father because they always wore a condom. He insisted that Mason was the real father, but the DNA test proved otherwise.

After all, Mason says the boys are the best of that marriage he described as "cold and unhappy". He was present in all three deliveries, the first in 1995 and the twins four years later.

"I'm not the father, I know, but I'm still the father. When I talk about them to other people, of course, after 21 years, he said "My children". So I have to correct what I said and say: the kids that I thought were mine, "Mason said.


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