He returned a wallet, but kept the money: "I did not have to feed my children" – 02/28/2019


Víctor Molina is a mason. Earlier this week, he lost his wallet on the way to the collective terminal in Casilda, where he lives with his family. Chewing, he grabbed a bus and left for a nearby town where they were expected to work. A passerby found and deposited in a box of lost objects located on a local radio.

Officials at the station were surprised when they searched the wallet for some documentation to locate the owner. They found a manuscript paper with the phrase "Sorry, I'm not taking other people's things, but I do not have to feed my children, so I owe the money".

The letter left by a man who found a wallet and returned it, but he kept the money.

The letter left by a man who found a wallet and returned it, but he kept the money.

Molina (52), father of eight children (five boys and three girls), learned of what happened the next day when he returned to Casilda. Far from being indignant or bothered by the actions of those who found their belongings, He was contemplative with the stranger.

"He had 500 pesos, if he really got the money to feed his children, in a long time I lost and that person found, something happens," he explained in a conversation with Radio Casilda. He added, "If you really did this to feed your child, it's very good, do not be a problem. You do not owe me anything."

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The man never doubted the veracity of the note. "I am convinced that what is written in the note is true, if I had found it without shame, take the money and throw it in. But if you left a note I think at some point it's someone who knows me"said Molina, who pointed to the" economic situation of the country "as causing" desperate actions "of many neighbors.

Besides, he thanked the stranger for returning the wallet with the documentation, the only thing he was worried about. "Silver comes and goes. It is very difficult to make a decision when something like this happens to you when your family is hungry. I hope you never touch me, "he said.

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