Monday , April 19 2021

He killed his partner in Spain, fled and arrested him in an Argentine steakhouse

Jose Luis Gallego Sánchez, 40, was arrested in Argentina during an Interpol operation with officials of the Spanish Civil Guard, accused of murdering his partner on September 2 in the city of Castellón, Spain.

The killer was identified when trying to enter a barbecue, located at Av. Santa Catalina 6027, in Posadas, Misiones province.

The man is accused of having stabbed his partner and fled his country. "This aberrant crime could not go unpunished, the criminal investigation and police coordination in the Interpol area allowed us to know the whereabouts of the fugitive, where he should be: at the disposal of justice," said Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich, who gave instructions expressed to the Secretary of Security, headed by Eugenio Burzaco.

The body of Eva Bou Flor, found by the Spanish authorities, had deep wounds caused by a white weapon.

The search in the country began when officials of the Federal Investigations Division of Fugitives learned of the presence of a Spanish fugitive accused of having committed a violent crime.

The killer had entered a commercial flight legally and stayed for three days in a hotel in La Plata.

Sánchez is a former legionary of the Spanish army, with training and instruction to enter combat or military actions.

The Federal Penitentiary and Criminal Court intervened in charge of Dr. Verónica Skanata, before the Secretary No. 3 of Dr. Fierro, who ordered that the detainee be presented to the Delegation of POSADAS, to then carry out the extradition process. The Spain.

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