He killed his 10-year-old stepson, barricaded himself for eight hours and then committed suicide


The Halcón Group was having arduous negotiations with the entrenched one from the 8 tomorrow so that it deposed its attitude and surrendered. But finally, the troops they decided to break into the house around 4:00 pm when they heard a shot. When surrounded and without exit, the killer decided to take his own life.

"The man shot himself in the head and was taken to the hospital," said Commissioner Corvalán, who was in charge of the operation. But then, his defense lawyer confirmed the death: "He died in the hospital".

Corvalán explained that the rescue tasks were delayed enough because the objective was to rescue the aggressor alive. "From the outset the Falcón Group was going to wait for the man to put his attitude down. I wanted him to come out alive," he said.

The tragic event occurred in an address located at 116th Street, between 529 and 530. In the early hours of the morning, a patrolman of the Buenosairean police came to the house after the call of the woman who denounced the crime of his son by his ex.

Upon arrival, the troops met with an overwhelming image. There was the woman bloodied and with a bullet wound in one ear and also lay the body of her son, 10 years old, with a white weapon embedded in the chest.

The attacker was identified as Juan Cruz Chirino, 27, who has psychiatric problems and "kept a relationship with the woman sick because of jealousy," said a neighbor.

According to the couple, they had been in crisis for several months and the conflict that triggered the aggression was due to the woman telling the man she did not want to see him again.

After the attack, the man locked himself in one of the three rooms that the house has, where he remained still until 4 pm. At the last moment, specialists of the Hawk Group tried to negotiate with him so that he surrendered without attacking his life. But the man surprised everyone and seeing himself without escape and repenting for what happened he killed himself.

The man was injured after the Peugeot Partner in which he was traveling collided with a red VW New Beattle at the junction of streets 140 and 521. The progenitor of the mortal victim was injured and was expected to be transferred to a health center nearby.


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