He got a phone, but when he opened the box he found something totally unusual and unexpected


January 13, 2019

The young man realized that "everything that glitters is not gold" and what surprised millions of users in social networks.

He looked happy … Youth from Indonesia had taken one of the biggest prizes of one of the arcade machines: he got a iPhone X, one of Apple's most expensive models.

His face could not hide his joy and certainly he was ready to use it, but a bitter surprise occurred seconds later when the young man wanted to open it.

The Indonesian named Amrozi loaded into his Facebook account the pictures of his particular situation, counting several unsuccessful attempts to get the prize, but then showing that it was not really a phone that was inside, but something much more unusual and unintelligible, and shows this on a second video.

There he realized that the box was totally misleading, because inside it There were 8 chocolate chocolates, ready to be devoured. But the end of the story still would not come, in one of the videos that have had more reproductions so far this year, with more than 2 million.

Not satisfied with this, the young Indonesian continued to investigate what else would be inside the box, and the surprise was inside those chocolates: inside each of the wrappers, and with the need to break the chocolate, he found a condom.

He asked for a diamond bracelet for his wife, but when he opened the box he found something incredible

Sometimes things are not as we expected, and the most important thing is to find the positive side: now the young man has no new phone, but is able to take advantage of what was found inside the box. To conclude, this "misfortune" of not having found this modern cell phone has become viral, and now your video travels the world.


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