He found his girlfriend having sex with a friend, chased her with her car and ran her over


A man was arrested in San Miguel de Tucumán accused of hit and run over his girlfriend, after discovering that he had been unfaithful with a friend.

The episode occurred on Monday night, when the woman was at her boyfriend's house in the El Manantial neighborhood of the capital of Tucumán, along with a friend of her partner.

According to the researchers, all three of them consumed alcohol and the owner of the house fell asleep. Upon waking, He surprised his girlfriend having sex with his friend..

At that moment, the aggressor threw his friend and began to beat ferociously the woman, who after a fight managed to escape. Once at the door, he took the lover's bike and together they tried to escape.

Police sources indicated that the deceived man got into his car and began to chase them, until the motorcycle lost its balance on a road and its occupants fell to the ground. When the woman tried to stand up, the man he ran through it and sped away, leaving her running.

The victim was injured and was rushed to Padilla hospital, where she was hospitalized. The assailant was arrested shortly after the attack.


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